Approved by the ยง 21732 legislation, published in the Official Newspaper dated 18 October 1993.

To promote interaction and coordination between basic and clinical scientists working on neurosciences and brain research and to provide an environment for the application of multidisciplinary approaches. The Center also organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, courses and similar "continuing education" activities on brain research.

Administrative Board

Acting Director
Assoc. Prof. Ersin O. Koylu, MD, PhD (Physiology)

Prof. Nurcan Ozdamar, MD (Neurosurgery)
Prof. Simavi Vahip, MD (Psychiatry)
Prof. Emre Kumral, MD (Neurology)

Prof. Sakire Pogun, PhD
Prof. Fatma Z. Kutay, PhD
Prof. Onur Gunturkun, PhD
Prof. Reha Erzurumlu, PhD

Status-only cross appointments
Prof. Michael J. Kuhar, PhD
Prof. John J. Furedy, PhD
Prof. Edythe D. London, PhD